you were able to program

your mind to be your best self?

you were able to program your mind to be your best self?

you could lose bad habits that you may have developed in your journey, like smoking or procrastination…and you were able to reprogram the way you think?

Instead of waking up every morning with a smokey lack of purpose, you wake excited to check off that to-do list and really make a difference for yourself and your loved ones in your life.

You are happy.

Find out if hypnosis can help you avoid negative action,
reach your personal goals and live a rich and fulfilling life!

“I have worked with Tricia this past few months on several issues. She has helped me change habits that I was not proud of, as well as overcome my long-standing anxiety and relationships issues, that are now on the mend. I’ve seen a significant shift.

I have stopped reacting emotionally and feel so much more empowered and confident both at work and at home.

The gentle and patient Tricia worked with me through each issue and proved to me that it

really is all in the mind! She really is a Master at what she does.

I’ve never felt so self-assured, collected and healthy in my life!”


For many of us
we have a basic idea
of what we want in life…

but we don’t always know how to get it.

We have difficulty identifying with our true self
blocking us from discovering what it is that we love to do.

Sometimes we are plagued with negative thoughts.

You just need to make up your mind.

I want to live a healthy life.

I want to lose weight.

I want to feel safe.

I want to be confident.

I want to stop procrastinating and achieve my goals.

Your mind can be your greatest ally.

Your most powerful tool.

But it can also trigger you into negative action.

I am Tricia Batliwalla.

An international gypsy at heart,
I have lived in 7 countries and have coached, mentored and mesmerised people
to change their behaviour and patterns, for over a decade.

Get to know my story


“Before I worked with Tricia, I struggled so much with smoking. My life completely and utterly revolved around my next cigarette; ‘Before I walk out the door to go to work, do I have enough for the day? When is my next break? When I finish lunch, will I have enough time to run outside?’

Now I’m happy to say, I’m happy to say I feel great!! I feel accomplished.

Tricia is amazing and if you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll absolutely love her!

She really wants you to succeed, just trust her and trust the process!”


“As I was guided by Tricia, through my first hypnosis session to Stop Smoking, I was so pleased to find everything about me that I could change and grow. It was truly an amazing experience that I am so glad that I found.

I was able quit Smoking on day 3 of the 5-day program and now use Light Side Up as my safety net, to know that whatever I want to accomplish in life I can build within myself using hypnosis.

In Tricia I have found someone who truly cares and will help me for the good of me and everyone around me.

Thank you for helping me to Quit Smoking and Improve my sports performance and for showing me what I am truly made of.”

Hypnosis can be described as a guided fantasy. It’s a wonderful dreamy state of relaxation in which you are more open to suggestions. It feels very much like day dreaming. A state of focused concentration, or being utterly absorbed by the suggestions being shared with you.

It is a natural way of having access to the subconscious. In order to understand how hypnosis works, it is important to understand how the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work. It is a form of communication that harmonizes your conscious and subconscious minds, or brings both them both on the same page. When properly used, it is a means of achieving more of the potential which we all possess.

How does hypnosis work?

You will be guided into a pleasant state of relaxation by your hypnotist, who will give you verbal direction. You will be fully aware, being able to hear, speak and even remember afterwards.

In a subconscious state, one is able to access the root of the problem or core issues and work on the ‘dis-ease’ from a subconscious level. It is then simply a matter of incorporating, the right suggestion into the subconscious mind, that will assist the person to overcome and deal with the core issue. (when you return back to the cognitive state)
Usually the suggestions that will be implanted and the mode of therapy, is always discussed with you beforehand. You will be fully aware of your actions and in control during the session, even in a state of deep trance. Your subconscious mind will neither accept nor reveal any information it does not agree with.

When we integrate hypnosis with other techniques like, Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Hypno-drama and even Affirmation, to name a few other techniques, we are able to unpeel the layers and discover and heal the core issue.

Find out if hypnosis can help you avoid negative action,
reach your personal goals and live a rich and fulfilling life!

Introductory Session

First session you may expect an in-depth discussion regarding your particular challenge. Together we will set some concrete goals. Develop a Therapy Plan tailored for you. You will also experience a short hypnotic trance and begin working your concern. Follow up session we will discuss the changes of the past week and continue with our therapy plan.


Light Side Up

Make better decisions, increase self esteem and improve self confidence, become stress free, change negative thoughts and behavior, discovering your life purpose, connecting with your spiritual self.

5 hours of sessions to be used on a need to basis.


Releasing Fears and Phobias

Release fears such as fear of flying, driving , fear of the dark, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of animals & insects. Misophonia, the list is endless. In this program we will uncover the root of the fear, heal it and implant positive triggers that will transform your emotional response to the situation that were causing the fear.

3 – 5 one hour sessions depending on the fear to be released.

$500.00 – 3 Session
$700.00 – 5 Session

Kick That Butt

In the 5 short days that we will work together you will give up the cigarettes and Smoking, painlessly, easily, naturally with no side effects and certainly no more cravings.

5 Sessions comprising of 7 Hours over a period of 5 consecutive days.


Lighten Up – A Weight Loss Program

A tailored a weight loss program that helps you lose weight easily and keep it off. Over 5 weeks – Your mind set changes, your cravings diminish, your resolve strengthens and before you even realize it, you will begin to shed the pounds, racing towards achieving your goal weight.


Virtual Gastric Band

This cutting edge weight loss technique – is non-surgical and one which harnesses the power of hypnosis to suggest that, “you have had a gastric band surgery.” Embedding into your subconscious the idea, that you stomach is now the size of a golf ball. Weight is lost naturally and consistently without dieting. This protocol deals with the weight issues in a person’s mind and their relationship with food, it deals with the psychological and emotional factors involved. You develop new positives habits for health and begin your weight loss journey.


Gift a Session

Gift your loved ones a free session.


If one of the packages above doesn’t suit your needs, ask about our Tailor Made Packages that can be designed just for you.

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Touching on So Many Different Aspects of my Life

I first met Tricia about 2 years ago when I was seeking out a way to overcome fainting spells and nausea when anyone spoke of anything medical related (broken bones, surgery, hip replacements, child birth etc).

Light Side up wasn’t the first company I tried, but with no results with my first try, I was persistent in my search for help and found Tricia. With only one session Tricia completely wiped this issue out of my life. It’s now been over 2 years and I have not had any similar issues. It was better than I would have ever imagined! IT was the same with my fear of skiing, I happened to mention to her that i was dreading the weekend cos I was terrified. She worked with me and I that weekend  I not only mastered the bunny slopes but was able to take the big hills the very next time. .

Tricia’s supportive and caring attitude towards helping me through this made the process so comfortable and rewarding.

Considering this worked so well for me I started thinking of all the other areas in my life where I could use healing, assistance and support. Everyone has parts of their lives that they would change if they could whether it be a relationship with a family member or friend, a personal goal, a health condition etc. With Tricia’s amazing support over the years I keep going back to her to increase my happiness in life. Issues that we have dealt with often don’t come back or may only need a slight tweak later on.

Knowing how well hypnosis works and how powerful it is, I choose it as my most cherished healing treatment. In particular Tricia’s knowledge and compassion for what she does make Light Side Up a fantastic choice.  


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