Tapping has been around forever but is still used today as a fantastic, easy to use technique, that has its roots in Chinese medicine.

In the past few years, it has developed into quite a modern modality to address the body’s meridians and bring them in to focus. Allowing us to solve several issues right from helping to diminish cravings for cigarettes, food etc. to pain management and helps with sleeping and even to combat all kinds for fears, like stage fright or fear of flying.

The universal name is tapping, however, there are different versions of this very technique out there, and yes they all work.

Some of them are, TFT founded by Dr. Roger Callahan,

Gary Craig Developed it in 1990 and called it EFT, widely used today.

Silvia Hartman developed energy EFT to the UK.

The Fantastic part of this therapy is that you don’t have to believe in it to have it work for you.

Just do the tapping and observe the subtle inner changes that take place in your mind and body.

So how does it work?

The first thing you do is give the pain or feeling a number out of 10, that will asses its severity, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Then, you need to give a name to the issue.

For example: You have a head ache or your back hurts or you’re unable to focus and your mind is racing.

It might be something like “this backache”, “these racing thoughts” ,“this fear” or “this urge”. You will use this phrase to activate certain parts of your brain by repeating it out loud as you do the tapping.

Step 1

How to do Self TappingWhile tapping firmly on the karate chop edge of your hand, you’d say out loud:

“Even though I have ______ and feel _____ I accept myself, deeply and completely

“Even though I have this pain and cant stand up straight I deeply and completely accept myself!”

Say this as though you mean it, 3 times while tapping.

Step 2

Do the tapping sequence as follows: Tap with the pads of your fingers in the center of the top of your head, saying “active mind”. Continue tapping with a couple of fingers of your dominant hand, while saying “active mind” until you’ve gone through all the tapping points. The points are all on bones.

Here’s the complete list of points to tap in this order after Step 1:

  1. Karate Chop Point. ( the edge of the hand )
  2. Middle of top of head
  3. Beginning of either eyebrow
  4. Outer corner of eye
  5. Under eye
  6. Upper lip
  7. Fold of chin
  8. Collarbone – 1 inch down from notch and 1 inch to either side under 

Once you have done a full sequence, check in with yourself and see if the symptoms have receded, sometimes they may have moved just one number down and others its moved significantly. So reassess the number you are at and with this new number in mind repeat the sequence until you bring your symptoms down to a 2 or 1.

If you notice there’s another aspect to all this, such as “nervous about a meeting or presentation”, start back at the beginning with Step 1 and tap the karate chop point while saying

“Even though “I am anxious about this meeting or presentation…I deeply and completely accept myself!” Then tap the entire sequence beginning with the top of your head again and say “anxious ” or “anxious about the meeting ” or “anxious and my thoughts are racing ”. Any of these phrases will probably work, because they’re all specific enough to the problem. Just tapping and saying “meeting stress” isn’t good enough, because it’s not specific.

Always run a few rounds of tapping; 2 to 3 should do it, before moving on to another phrase to tap about.

You can use tapping at bedtime too. If you’ve had lots of insomnia lately, you might think about what to call it and come up with: “Even though I’ve been lying awake at bedtime for several nights in a row, I deeply and completely accept myself!” Then run through the whole sequence a few times. If you wake up in the night, run the tapping sequence again, until relief is obtained.

Always tap firmly enough that you can hear it, but softly enough that you don’t bruise yourself!

Here are a few other typical phrases you can tap for

Insomnia or Anxiety:

  • I’m awake/anxious and angry
  • I can’t slow my brain down
  • I feel irritated and annoyed
  • I can’t quiet my thoughts
  • I’m tossing and turning
  • I can’t get comfortable

Find the ones that work for you!


  • I am in pain
  • I cant move my ___
  • I feel helpless and irritated
  • I feel like my Head/back etc. is exploding
  • I’m in pain when I ____

Urges for food or cigarettes

  • I am addicted to ___
  • I want to ____ eat /smoke
  • I feel this urge taking over me
  • I just need to ____
  • I am uncomfortable until I ____
  • I cant sleep until I _____

Get Tap, Tap, Tapping !