Do you feel like you are constantly waiting in the wings,

Searching for that perfect relationship? and not been finding it!

Are you attracting the same kind person into your life over and over agian?

We are so often told that ‘your lucky if you find that perfect mate’ or when finding a partner – ‘life is a box of chocolates!’ ( you never know what your gonna get ) OR worse it’s a slippery slope

What I want to tell you that you can totally control it and attract the right person for you, each time. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it! Hold on I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it’s totally doable.

Before we set off, seeking perfection.
Take a look at yourself, warts and all. Accept those flaws, not with self-criticism but with self-awareness and kindness. WHY? because you want to find someone that accepts your flaws and appreciates them as part of your personality. If you don’t accept yourself how can you expect someone you don’t even know yet to accept you.
When you make peace with who you are and all your so-called undesirable traits, you open up room for someone else to come in and appreciate them with you.

If you find yourself attracting the same jerks into your life?  Then sorry darling but it’s YOU, not them!

There is a subconscious part of you that needs to develop or work something out and hence it attracts a certain kind of person or behaviour. Try and figure out what is it that you are satisfying within your self by always seeking the same underlying story.

Example: Good girls that are attracted to bad boys ( or vice versa)
Perhaps the bad boys satisfy your need to rebel, to do the unthinkable. Sometimes it finding the confidence that you lack within yourself, that you find in the other person that makes you admire them!

Once you figure it out, do some self-esteem work and you will break that cycle. Hypnosis has been proved to be the fastest way to self-awareness and enhancing self-esteem.

It has been stated by psychologists that our unconscious mind searches for its parents.
The archetype of parental love is a powerful draw. This means that we are constantly seeking partners who unconsciously remind us of our mother or father.

On some level, we seek out partners that fill our unfulfilled emotional childhood needs.

When Jerry Maguire, famously said, “ You Complete me!” ,  He was wrong!
If you feel incomplete, lost, bereft, you must find the only person who will always be there, who will never let you down, who will always put you first.

Just look in the mirror, because the only person who is going to complete you, always be there and always have your back ….  is YOU.
A partner must compliment, who we are, and often the right partner can help us to become the best version of ourselves, however, we are never going to feel ‘complete’ by teaming up with someone else.

You know how an animal can sense your fear?
Notice the energy that you feel when you think of finding a partner, is it fear, dread, desperation, need … then that is the energy you are putting out there and if you can feel if – they can sense it too! Be Patient, Be Calm learn to be that lone star that sparkles in the sky on a dark night and it will happen, your time will come.
Remember your subconscious is programmed to take it’s best instruction, from yourself!

STOP saying “ I’m never going to find someone” Cos you know what, “it’s working!”
Your mind is giving you exactly what you are saying to yourself.

Instead, write a new story, Tell your self – “I will find someone wonderful, someone, who treats me right because they love me.”
You can make this story as colourful as you like to imagine what that person looks like, things they will say and do. How wonderful you will feel with them.

Run this movie in your mind every day ( yes, hypnotize yourself with this new belief ) and stay positive. Tell yourself that while you wait for the perfect partner you will use this downtime to work on yourself. In fact, try and enjoy this ‘single period’ of your life, it’s not a phase that will last forever, after all. Savour this experience and life will become so much easier as you wait in the wings for your cue.