I’ll cut the fluff and get right to it! 

1. Avoid generic positive affirmations and random self-hypnosis tracks
Positive affirmations are like empty calories. You can tell yourself you’re fantastic but if you don’t really believe it, your mind will see this as lying to yourself and reject the idea. Affirmations only work when something about them rings true.
Learn how to Craft Powerful Affirmations

2. Identify what you’re good at and use it
The building block of self-esteem are things that you are good at, what you do well or what others appreciate about you. It can be a simple small step in that direction but that step is crucial to getting off the couch. If Christine was a star blogger with a huge fan following and a respected voice in the vintage fashion industry that would have been it! But she wasn’t, in fact, she saw it as an escape from her life and so the time she spent blogging was wasted and did not really help nurture her nor provide her with any emotional nourishment.

3. Demonstrate ability.
Once you’ve identified an area of strength, find ways to demonstrate it. If you’re a good listener – host a listening circle for your friends. If you’re good with technology – develop a new skill, build an app or website for a friend. If you’re a good planner, organize the family or school reunion. Engage in the things you do well and you will start to shine.

4. Accept a compliment graciously
This one is Key! Culturally we have been conditioned to be modest. So when our self-esteem is low we become resistant to compliments. Work on accepting compliments graciously (a simple “thank you” is sufficient). Internalise that all you are doing is accepting praise for a quality about yourself that someone feels is positive or praiseworthy. It may be hard at first but not accepting a compliment is not only rude it is damaging to you.