Hypnotic Tips to Sleep Easy

Of all the lullabies I had sung to me as a child this one was on the NEVER FAIL list. “ Stay awake, don't rest your head, don't lie down upon your bed. While the moon drifts in the skies,  stay awake, don't close your eyes. You're not sleepy as you seem, stay awake,...

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Watch your words

For years now we have been told of the power of positive thinking and how we should only focus on the positive and not negative. I remember when I first heard about this I could not wrap my head around the concept, I would constantly ask, “So what, should I lie to...

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Public Speaking Fears

“ The human brain is a wonderful thing. It starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up and speak in public ”   ~ George Jessel It has been quite a few years now that I have been in business and I have made a self-discovery - I realized...

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4 Steps to Nourishing Self-Esteem

I'll cut the fluff and get right to it!  1. Avoid generic positive affirmations and random self-hypnosis tracks Positive affirmations are like empty calories. You can tell yourself you’re fantastic but if you don’t really believe it, your mind will see this as lying...

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Thinking of Quitting Smoking?

Think about why, how and when… The fact that you’ve navigate to this blog, is because you have been thinking of quitting, or you’re sitting on the fence, a little short of terrified that you will have to white knuckle this or that worst of all, you will fail AGAIN....

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Tap, Tap, Tapping 8 easy points

Tapping has been around forever but is still used today as a fantastic, easy to use technique, that has its roots in Chinese medicine. In the past few years, it has developed into quite a modern modality to address the body’s meridians and bring them in to focus....

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Fears That Discourage You From Becoming Smoke Free

Being a Smoking Cessations Specialist in my hypnosis practice, I wanted to share some of the top fears and misconceptions that my clients have before they come to see me. Fears that hold them back and discourage them from taking control and becoming Smoke Free! Now, I...

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Power Words

Did you make a new years resolution this year? Do you even remember what it is? Or are you smiling guiltily to your self now because you did not keep it! It’s no secret, that while some people are able to keep their new years resolutions, most don’t, I used to fall...

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