Self Talk & Why It Works

Most kids today are taught self-talk in school.They are taught to think positive and manage their emotions as best they can. I don’t know about you but I did not have this class when growing up. I did not learn how to self soothe and manage my feelings. Healing is...

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How Cellular Memory Effects Us

“Cellular memory is explained as the recognition of a memory of an incident, a thing, an event, or experience which is at once felt throughout the body ie the memory at the cellular level.” Fair warning! I’m writing this blog on an impulse so it may be a bit rambling....

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2019 Resolution – Attract the Right Partner!

Do you feel like you are constantly waiting in the wings, Searching for that perfect relationship? and not been finding it! Are you attracting the same kind person into your life over and over agian? We are so often told that ‘your lucky if you find that perfect mate’...

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Hypnotic Tips to Sleep Easy

Of all the lullabies I had sung to me as a child this one was on the NEVER FAIL list. “ Stay awake, don't rest your head, don't lie down upon your bed. While the moon drifts in the skies,  stay awake, don't close your eyes. You're not sleepy as you seem, stay awake,...

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Watch your words

For years now we have been told of the power of positive thinking and how we should only focus on the positive and not negative. I remember when I first heard about this I could not wrap my head around the concept, I would constantly ask, “So what, should I lie to...

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Public Speaking Fears

“ The human brain is a wonderful thing. It starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up and speak in public ”   ~ George Jessel It has been quite a few years now that I have been in business and I have made a self-discovery - I realized...

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4 Steps to Nourishing Self-Esteem

I'll cut the fluff and get right to it!  1. Avoid generic positive affirmations and random self-hypnosis tracks Positive affirmations are like empty calories. You can tell yourself you’re fantastic but if you don’t really believe it, your mind will see this as lying...

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Why repeating positive affirmations doesn’t always work

Today, I want to share Christine’s story with you. ( name changed to protect privacy) Christine was just 25 when we first met. She came to see me for hypnotherapy. It had been a year since she quit her “boring office job” and moved back in with her mum to figure out...

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19 Adult behaviors of an emotionally abused childhood

I have found that all emotionally abused children grow up to be adults with much in common. The unseen scars of emotionally abused children can last a lifetime and have dramatic effects on how they behave as adults. These traits and behaviours are what the victims...

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Thinking of Quitting Smoking?

Think about why, how and when… The fact that you’ve navigate to this blog, is because you have been thinking of quitting, or you’re sitting on the fence, a little short of terrified that you will have to white knuckle this or that worst of all, you will fail AGAIN....

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