Being a Smoking Cessations Specialist in my hypnosis practice, I wanted to share some of the top fears and misconceptions that my clients have before they come to see me. Fears that hold them back and discourage them from taking control and becoming Smoke Free!

Now, I know quitting is not a walk in the park. I know how compelling this addiction is. 

Over the years I have heard the most extraordinary reasons, fears and misconceptions that make people give up on themselves and keep them addicted.

I usually address these in the very first session with my clients. I’d like to address these apprehensions for you today:

“I’ve smoked for over 15 years and don’t think I can quit, I’m too far gone.”

Hypnosis deals with the issue on a deeper level and actually kills your urge to smoke, so you don’t need to white knuckle it. It will be painless and easy. 

“I love smoking. It makes me feel good!”

You are reading this, that tells us that YOU WANT TO STOP. Focus on that reason, and you will see the benefits of a smoke free life.

“What will I do when I’m stressed?”

Hypnosis helps you manage stress easily and effortlessly. It is part of the program. 

“Having a drink won’t be any fun anymore!”

Sure it will, coz you will still be able to enjoy the drink and not need to smoke. You won’t miss it. 

“I’ll loose my smoking buddies?”

Well, then they weren’t your buddies to begin with.

But NO, you wont loose the social aspect of smoking! Coz you will still be able to hang with them while they are smoking and not feel a thing. 

“What will I do at break time?”

What you always did, except with no cigarette in your hand. 

“When I’m with my friends and they smoke, I wont be able to resist a drag!”

YES YOU WILL! I Guarantee it!

In fact you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction that you can stand there while they smoke and not be triggered. 

“I don’t want to fail, yet again!”

This is a real fear, it frightens you and damages your self image

Make sure you don’t fail! Only do this if you are truly committed to give up smoking for good! 

“It relaxes me!”

It really doesn’t, and there is scientific research to prove that.

But the perception of relaxation is created by what you associate it with.

A reward, a break, stepping out, after a stressful day.

We Will Build NEW Associations. 

“I have no vices – this is the only one…”

I say this with love – You are too old to still want to “be bad”, just to be rebellious.

Grow up and smell your clothes! 

“It makes me feel Good!”

Trust me, every time you turn down a cigarette or see someone who is still addicted you will feel better then good! You will feel proud, and in control of your life!

Think about it!In 5 days from now, you could be done with cigarettes, for good!

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to stop smoking painlessly, easily and naturally? Better yet, there are no side effects and certainly no more cravings!

The Stop Smoking Painlessly Package is:

5 Sessions for a total of 7 hours, used over 5 consecutive days.

It includes:

  • 5 personalized one on one session’s.
  • A Self Hypnosis Lesson, with supporting video.
  • Learning how to craft your own affirmations and supporting video.
  • Techniques to manage your cravings and stress easily.
  • A personalized script written just for you. You can record your own voice and practice self-hypnosis at home.
  • A 20-minute follow-up call Via Phone or Skype

And you will Quit!

That’s a Promise!