Let me tell you why Self Hypnosis is such a great tool. It is used to help you focus on and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves in a private setting on your own, taking no more then 10 – 15 minutes of your day. 

Self hypnosis is comfortable, wonderfully focused state when you give suggestions to yourself (or allow an audio recording) to induce a relaxed and receptive state of mind.

Of course you need to follow some specific steps to achieve a light trance, The suggestions you give to your self must be carefully crafted as well.

Learn how to do both, Craft Powerful Affirmation & Practice Self Hypnosis to assist you in your everyday journey.

What is An Affirmation? 

An affirmation is a assertion designed to bring about positive change. It should always be stated as if the desired outcome either has already occurred or is in the process of occurring, not as something that will come about in the future.

To create positive, powerful and productive affirmation  we need to fulfill certain elements. There must be an intention, a progression so that it is unending, and a clear outcome.

‘Every day in every way I become better and better at creating positive affirmations. My affirmations work vey well for me’

When creating your personal mantra, keep the following in mind.

Always affirm in the PRESENT TENSE

Saying “I will …” or “I am going to …”,tells the mind that it is just beyond reach. It is not powerful , Change only happens in the present.

Keep them POSITIVE

Avoid all negative words

Avoid ambiguous words state clear goals

Make them POWERFUL

Use emotive meaningful words – ‘awesome’, ‘outstanding’, ‘brilliant’, and ‘fantastic’.

Make them SHARP

Use short, concise statements

Add some rhythm – Repeating words give rhythm to your affirmations. Use a favorite song


Chances are you have a lot of ‘undoing’ to do. You have to create new thought patterns, new memories, new attitudes, and new expectations. But this process takes time. You need to affirm your desires as often as possible. You can’t reprogram a lifetime’s worth of negative self-talk by repeating affirmations twice a week .

If you seriously want to change things, you must be prepared to flood your subconscious mind with all the direction and passion you possibly can. Repeat your affirmations every chance you can, until you reach your goal. Persist until you succeed.