Kick That Butt

Why do we still do it? Ask yourself,

What was it like with your very first cigarette? Did you enjoy it? NO!

Well mostly everyone had to cough and choke over their first few cigarettes, forcing their body  to accept that searing hot toxic smoke, into their system.

I could talk to you about the number of deaths by smoke-related causes, and lung cancer and all of that but I’m guessing you already know all of this, and you also know that you Have to Quit!

So Instead I’m going to speak to you about :

How Good it will feel…

That you Finally KICKED that BUTT! and are now IN CONTROL.

Being a better role model to your kids as a Non Smoker, (even if they didn’t know you smoked.)

Being able to take that trip to Hawaii from all the money you saved.

Cuddling your babies and getting all warm and fuzzy, without them screwing up their noses at you and saying, “ Eww you smell! ”.

Not having to look over your shoulder, when you’re smoking, constantly afraid of who may see you.

Having a sense of security and knowing that you will be around for your family. Healthy and Fit!

Making yourself proud ! taking control and doing something you’ve been afraid to do for so long.

It’s a well know fact that hypnosis can help you quit painlessly and naturally for good!

I have developed a program that will help you STOP SMOKING!


KICK THAT BUTT – What you can expect

5 Sessions comprising of 7 Hours over a period of 5 consecutive days

In less than a week (5 days) you will give up cigarettes and smoking, painlessly, easily, naturally with no side effects and certainly no more cravings.

We will :
Deal with all your underlying emotional triggers.
Build new subconscious triggers and anchor
Create new behaviors
Use the power of suggestion to override your cravings
Ensure that you do not replace the cigarette with anything else.
Develop a sense of control and well-being.
Your Smoker friends
Having a Drink
Your Lifestyle.
Will you have crazy cravings and withdrawal symptoms ???
– Not at all
Will it be an easy breezy 5 days?

Hypnosis will help you gain control and make that leap to becoming a non-smoker for life in less than a week.

The results start immediately and quietly within your body.



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My Personal Story

Like many people, I had my doubts about hypnosis when I first learned about it. Was it a stage act? Would it make you lose control or cluck like a chicken? Would it even work? Then I thought … Wait a minute ! Would I NOW have the power …to get people to do things like  take off their underpants and wear them on their head, like a floppy hat ?  What fun !!!!

Hahahah I’m not that power crazy … the Real story?!

It was in a dark and stormy night … when my husband came home from work took off his jacket, loosened his tie, took a deep breath and said …
“ Trish, I really want to Quit Smoking and I think hypnosis is the only way I can do it!”

At the word HYPNOSIS my head spun around so fast, I thought it would do a full 360!

I was shocked, this sounded a little too weird and woo woo to me …this was not who “we” were ….  we talked, mostly I talked …. but in his quiet, gentle way he tried to bring me around to the idea and when that didn’t work, he challenged me,  to learn it and be the one to do it for him … Knowing full well that it would be impossible for me to resist a challenge … grrrr!

Well, I took him up on that challenge, but I never imagined it would lead to a new and fulfilling career. Did my husband stop smoking ? Of Course he was my guinea pig!

He also lost 50Lbs and ran a marathon ( nah! didn’t win it, placed second ) but that’s another story.

Yes!  Smoking did bring me to Hypnosis, so naturally I specialize in this area and have helped hundreds of clients to overcome this habit with my signature program to stop smoking completely  KICK THAT BUTT.

I usually see my clients in person if you are in the Toronto area  or over skype, if you’re anywhere else in the world.

I guarantee, that you will never smoke again once you do the program, one on one with me.