Today we are going to learn how to do Self Hypnosis.

1st Some basic precautions to keep in mind:

  • Only do this when you are alone and in a Private Space
  • Never listen to any kind of Hypnotic Recording or Practice Self Hypnosis while driving or in a public space.
  • Always ensure that you fully emerge from the trance. The only exception being that you are in bed and plan to fall asleep directly after your session.
  • Ensure you have taken all the correct steps to prepare for your trance, soon they will become second nature.

Step 1: Enter Hypnosis

As you close your eyes, try to sink in and let go of any stress, fear, or anxiety that you feel is weighing you down. At first, you might find this difficult Imagine them lifting up from you and floating away into the air. If you have trouble doing this with your eyes closed, you can alternatively pick a focal point in your room to focus on, remember continue to breath, ‘in from your nose and out through your mouth’, allowing your eyes to get heavy and relaxed and to close naturally.

You may also imagine your self floating down a little stream , allow yourself to visualize your feet floating up and your body floating freely in the water. Allow the water that you are floating on to relax you.

Breathe: Breathing is an important part of self hypnosis. Especially at the beginning of the trance. Make sure that you take slow and deep breaths in order to release any negativity or tension that may be surrounding you. Aim to breath member continue to breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth as thought you are blowing out a candle.

Relax and Visualize: There may be a lot of tension in your body that you are unaware of. Start with the bottom of your feet and work your way up with each of your body parts slowly releasing tension. Imagine the tension slowly seeping up through your body and vanishing. Visualize your body becoming lighter with each moment.

You may find it easier to use imagery technique:

Imagine yourself standing at the top of a beautiful staircase with 10 steps going down from 10 down to 1, you hear the soft music in the background and as you descend this staircase, one step at a time your hypnosis deepens and you feel wonderful you keep descending until you arrive at the bottom of the stairs at step number #1.

STEP 2: Affirm your Goal or desired outcome.

Affirmation: Remember that goal you wrote down . this is the time to implant it into your subconscious. Repeat your affirmation or goal 7-10 times (count each affirmation on your fingers) You may gently open your eyes and read the affirmation you wrote if necessary and close your eyes again when finished reading.

STEP 3 Emerge – Comfortable and Relaxed.

Emerge: After you feel relaxed at peace, you can consider exiting your state of hypnosis. Walk up the stairs in your mind from which you have descended, and continue repeating your positive statements as you emerge from the water.

In a Nut ShellIN a Nut Shell:

  1. Close your eyes, Relax, Breath
  2. Gently in your mind count your-self from 10 down to 1 – Visualizing yourself walking down a staircase. Focusing on your breath -Breath in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth as though you are blowing out a candle.
  3. Repeat the below suggestion/affirmation 7-10 times (21 times or more, when your falling asleep at night) You may gently open your eyes and read the above affirmation if necessary and close your eyes again when finished reading.
  4. Count yourself up again from 1 up to 10 On 10 Eyes Open – Wide awake feeling Good!

The only time it is OK to skip this last step is if you are IN BED and you fall asleep repeating the affirmation.

If you are up and about during the day, it is IMPERATIVE To Count Yourself Up Again.