My Story


I come from a long line of eccentrics; my grandfather owned a menagerie in his home, complete with house trained Leopards, a Himalayan Bear, Indian peacocks and his pet python, Sir Percival…who one day, laid an egg and so Grandpa without blinking…simply changed his/her name to Lady Penelope. This kind of nonchalantly kooky behavior runs in my veins…and is my excuse to do crazy things and blame it on the genes.

I arrived, rather loudly, inconveniently on the very night my mum was hosting her, “I’m Finally Having this Baby” party. Yes the party was cancelled!

Guess you can call me a…Show Stopper!

An intentional gypsy at heart, I have lived, worked and played in 7 countries across Europe, N.America and the Far East and helped people change their behaviour for over a decade. First as undaunted corporate leader, then an empathic behavioral specialist and trainer and am now practicing, my true calling as a Master Hypnotist.

With a full to almost overflowing practice, I am fulfilled and am finally leading the life, I desperately wished for, as a young girl with a string of overbearing ogres, as bosses. In my practice I often combine Hypnosis with several methodologies and other healing techniques to offer a highly personalized approach, tailored to each individual.

Working with me, you will be able to make decisions with confidence and ease, gain clarity on what you want in a life partner, heal the pain of loss or betrayal, stop smoking, and eliminate your fears.

Even as I cross continents and cultures, constantly evolving; high standards of quality, discernment, and integrity remain steadfast at my core.

I have used the art  of Suggestion to …

…Hypnotize… I mean…TRAIN my dogs to fetch the groceries from the car.

…Creatively nudge people to do things that they would never normally consider, like convincing my boss’s boss why I qualified to do his job. Or My Friend to try a new brand of dog food so he was sure that the dog would like it

…Inspire my husband to stop smoking, run a marathon, lose 50lbs, do the dishes, walk the dogs and generally indulge me for over 20 years.

…Cheat a little in Monopoly…just to keep everyone on their toes.

…The only time the power of suggestion hasn’t worked for me at all, is with my mother.

In truth

I am a Catalyst, I harness the power of Hypnosis , to enable entrepreneurs and high achievers like you to kick their frustrations and habits to the curb, guiding them to uncover their natural inner resources and propel them to the next level. I have coached, mentored , mesmerized and convinced people to change their behaviour and patterns, and go against the grain, for over a decade.  

From training corporate leaders ‘to get off the power trip’ and be more empathic, persuading vendors to charge less and thrown in the after service,  to creating fantastic personal transformations for my hypnosis clients,  like :

– developing a healthy sense of self esteem and confidence,
– overcoming the aftermath of an abusive relationship,
– letting go of fears like the fear of flying or public speaking and
– mastering all sorts of addictions.  

Hypnosis consumes my life, it ignites my imagination and fascinates me, unconsciously I look for and find hypnosis lessons in everyday situations, in books, in movies, commercials, even on the street,  

3 Truths and a Lie

  • In Singapore, I WENT HOUSE HUNTING and my realtor turned out to be a PIMP and as he drove me around in his red Ferrari with the top down – suggested that I should give up my fancy new job at The Ritz Carlton and become one of ‘His Girls’ ( I was 21)
  • I am WHIZ AT NUMBERS, an outstanding writer, and a SPELLING BEE Champion.
  • I FELL THROUGH THE FLOOR of a 5 star hotel room when I was 5, and landed on my head in the owner’s living room.
  • I owned a NIGHTCLUB and I often use COLOURFUL LANGUAGE.

In a perfect world …

My Fridge would be magically re-stocked with a never ending variety of Soft, Stinky Cheeses. Ummmm

Good Movies would never end…just go on and on and on and on…and…on

Shitty Bosses would be like office elves – working for you.

Puppies would never grow up.

It’s about whom you include and not not about whom you exclude

I believe

That anything you focus on you achieve!

That there is a light within each of us that guides and protects us. Allow it to lead you and you will never put a foot wrong.

Honesty is still the BEST Policy and Respect and dignity are the birthrights of all creatures.

That when you trust people to be the best they can be, they tend rise to the situation.

When you see the best in people, they see the best in themselves.  

As you get to know me you will learn that  …

I radiate an energy of serenity and peace and yet…I laugh like a hyena and have a have a rather loud speaking voice and absolutely love pushing against the boundaries of social norms.

I like…kicking butts…and I cannot lie! ( sing it )

In fact my husband tells me, I excel at it!  

I am Happy to KICK YOUR BUTT into gear, or gently hypnotize you – whatever you prefer.

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“In my travels all over the world and living among many cultures, if there is one thing I have learned it is, that one needs only look within, to turn your Light Side UP!”

– Tricia Batliwalla



By the National Guild of Hypnotists
By the California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII)