My Story

Like many people, I had my doubts about hypnosis when I first learned about it. Was it a stage act? Would it make you lose control or cluck like a chicken? Would it even work? Then I thought … Wait a minute ! Would I NOW have the power …to get people to do things like  take off their underpants and wear them on their head, like a floppy hat?  What fun!!!!

Hahahah I’m not that power crazy … the real story?!  

It was in a dark and stormy night …
My husband came home from work took off his jacket, loosened his tie, took a deep breath and said …
“Trish, I really want to Quit Smoking and I think hypnosis is the only way I can do it!”

At the word HYPNOSIS my head spun around so fast, I thought it would do a full 360!

I was shocked, this sounded a little too woo woo to me …this was not who “we” were ….  We worked in the corporate world, had both been educated in the top international schools in Switzerland, ran our own bar and nightclub …. and wore a suits to work.

We talked, mostly I talked (quite rapidly and with much passion)  …. but in his quiet, gentle way he tried to bring me around to the idea and when that didn’t work, frustrated he challenged me,  to learn and be the one to do it for him … Knowing full well that it would be impossible for me to resist a challenge … grrrr!

Well, I took him up on that challenge, but I never imagined it would lead to a new and fulfilling career. Did my husband stop smoking? Of Course he was my guinea pig!

He also lost 50 Lbs and ran a marathon (nah! didn’t win it, placed second) but that’s another story.

Yes!  Smoking did bring me to Hypnosis, so naturally I specialize in this area and have helped hundreds of clients to overcome this habit with my signature program to stop smoking completely called  KICK THAT BUTT.

Today with a full to almost overflowing practice in downtown Toronto, I am finally leading the life, I desperately wished for, as a young girl in the corporate world with a string of overbearing ogres, as bosses.

When I work with you, I often combine hypnosis with several methodologies and other healing techniques to offer a highly personalized approach, tailored to the needs of each individual. I like to think of myself as a Catalyst, creating fantastic personal transformations for my clients, like:

– mastering habits and giving up habits like smoking or food.
– developing a healthy sense of self esteem and confidence,
– gaining clarity on what you want in a life partner
– dealing with stress
– eliminating your fears like – flying and speaking in public

Hypnosis consumes my life, it ignites my imagination and fascinates me, unconsciously I look for and find hypnosis lessons in everyday situations, in books, in movies, commercials, even on the street.

An intentional gypsy at heart, I have lived, worked and played in 7 countries across Europe, N.America and the Far East and helped people change their behaviour for over a decade. First as undaunted corporate leader, then an empathic behavioral specialist and trainer and now, practicing my true calling as a Master Hypnotist and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Even as I cross continents and cultures, constantly evolving; high standards of quality, discernment, and integrity remain steadfast at my core.

I Believe

That anything you focus on you achieve!

That there is a light within each of us that guides and protects us. Allow it to lead you and you will never put a foot wrong.

Honesty is still the BEST Policy and Respect and dignity are the birthrights of  all creatures.

That when you trust people to be the best they can be, they tend rise to the situation.

When you see the best in people, they see the best in themselves.  



By the National Guild of Hypnotists
By the California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII)