Did you make a new years resolution this year?

Do you even remember what it is?

Or are you smiling guiltily to your self now because you did not keep it!

It’s no secret, that while some people are able to keep their new years resolutions, most don’t, I used to fall into the latter category until I changed how I do this.

For a few years now, I don’t create a New Years resolution. I use a word, just one word that will keep me focused and on track throughout the year.

A word that bridges and connects all the different facets and compartments of my life.

My word this year is “Strength”

Strength of mind …
Strength of body …
Strength of character…

I want to strengthen my business, my relationships, my resolve and grow from strength to strength!

This really works. Especially in situations when you want to quit, like I did today and I was reminded of ”strength” and I got up, showed up and I am the stronger for it.

So think about that, it’s not too late, you can do this at anytime.

Modify your initial intention to just one word that will remind you of that intention and draw you forward.

What is your word going to be?

My clients have used words like:

Survive, flow, grow, courage, tenacity, heighten, double , peace, comfort.

It works, try it!