Have you ever watched a bird build its nest?

It collects twigs to prepare a safe, comfy space for its chicks.

Today, you’re going to create a little nest for yourself so you can nestle in, and hypnotize yourself.

Don’t worry – unlike a mama bird who might take a month to build a nest, this will only take a few minutes and no twigs or special equipment needed!

Self Hypnosis is such a multi faceted tool … While it can be used as a stand alone practice that you do at home on your own, it is best used in conjunction with your Hypnotherapist, to privately underline and integrate all the work you did in you private session together, every day at home.

Self Hypnosis is comfortable, wonderfully focused state when person gives suggestions to him or herself (or allow an audio recording) to induce a relaxed and receptive state of mind.  Upon achieving a certain depth you then give yourself specific healing affirmations, designed to assist your mind and body to function in a more positive way. I trust you already know how to do this if not refer to my Craft Powerful Affirmations blog post.

Its really quite easy and will take no more then 5 – 7 minutes. Below are some simple steps to achieve a hypnotic trance on your own. There are deeper and more purposeful ways to go into Self Hypnosis the steps below are the basics and will give you a real taste of what its like.

Prepare Yourself for Self Hypnosis

Decide on your Goal 

This is KEY! Before you do anything else, you need to figure out what your goal is. For instance, you could be doing it just to relax and release stress , or to elevate your self esteem, perhaps give up a habit like smoking or deal better with a fear or anxiety of some sort.

Know your goal and write out your affirmations beforehand that you can go over in your mind as you enter a state of trance.  For instance:

“Every day in every I become more and more calm comfortable and relaxed, I am free of stress”

“I am fully capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to.  I am in control of my life. I feel good taking charge again. ”

“Today I only need only ___ cigarettes in the day. I am happy with this amount and will be satisfied with only ____”

(in both blanks – put in a number a little less then your usual number of cigarettes that you smoke in a day, use the same number in both blanks please ) 

Get into something comfortable: When you prepare yourself for self hypnosis, put on comfortable clothes that are not going to distract you.  Ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature, dress for that temperature. Perhaps something to keep you warm or shorts to keep you cool.

Find somewhere private and quiet: Find a private quiet space.  You may want to sit or lie down during hypnosis, so find a nice comfortable bed, couch, or chair that you will be able to achieve mental peace in. Ensure that this space is completely private. You don’t want someone else, ever your partner or pet in the background. If you can close the door to your private space that is ideal.

Away with distractions:  Self hypnosis has to do with a lot of focus.  Take this time to turn off your phone or any electronics that you have. Entering a phase of trance will not be effective if you are around a computer or listening to alerts from your phone. Ensure you go to the washroom and take a drink of water so that you are not distracted by any of this during the trance.

Mood and lighting : Keep the lighting to a minimum. You may listen to soft instrumental music. This will help with relaxation and deepen your trance. Lighting your Favorite candles is also a good idea.

REFRAIN from doing Self Hypnosis or listening to any kind of hypnotic recording while driving or when you are in a public space or doing any activity that requires your full and conscious attention.

I suggest you do this 2-3 times a day to begin with. The  first thing you do when you wake up, hopefully before you even get out of bed , and the last thing you do at night. (If you can fall asleep repeating this, that fab!)  and any one other time, during the day.