Most kids today are taught self-talk in school.They are taught to think positive and manage their emotions as best they can.

I don’t know about you but I did not have this class when growing up. I did not learn how to self soothe and manage my feelings.

Healing is such an intimate process one that cannot be rushed or forced, it is a process that works its way from the inside out and not the other way around.

There really is only one person that can speed this up for you and help you heal. Your friends, family and the therapist may all mean well and want to cosset you and tell you things that they think you need to hear, to boost your moral. In reality, none of this helps a great deal. Yes, of course, it’s comforting but not healing. To really heal and seal that scar you need to turn to that one voice that you always listen to – Your own!

“Your mind is programmed to take its best instruction from yourself”
Think about it, all day every day, you are silently speaking to yourself. Mundane stuff like brushing your teeth to the complex to-do lists in your head – even that thought “oh, I should write that down!” is you talking to yourself. Giving yourself instruction and suggestions.

Hypnosis is also a form of self-talk – albeit a fairly more complex form but at the root, it is just that. The Hypnotist is nothing more than a catalyst! Influencing change by guiding you and giving you subliminal suggestions to develop new feelings and behaviours. In fact, I shall go so far as to say :