“As I was guided by Tricia, through my first hypnosis session to Stop Smoking, I was so pleased to find everything about me that I could change and grow. It was truly an amazing experience that I am so glad that I found.

I was able quit Smoking on day 3 of the 5-day program and now use Light Side Up as my safety net, to know that whatever I want to accomplish in life I can build within myself using hypnosis.

In Tricia I have found someone who truly cares and will help me for the good of me and everyone around me.

Thank you for helping me to Quit Smoking and Improve my sports performance and for showing me what I am truly made of.”


“Touching on So Many Different Aspects of my Life

I first met Tricia about 2 years ago when I was seeking out a way to overcome fainting spells and nausea when anyone spoke of anything medical related (broken bones, surgery, hip replacements, child birth etc).

Light Side up wasn’t the first company I tried, but with no results with my first try, I was persistent in my search for help and found Tricia. With only one session Tricia completely wiped this issue out of my life. It’s now been over 2 years and I have not had any similar issues. It was better than I would have ever imagined! IT was the same with my fear of skiing, I happened to mention to her that i was dreading the weekend cos I was terrified. She worked with me and I that weekend  I not only mastered the bunny slopes but was able to take the big hills the very next time. .

Tricia’s supportive and caring attitude towards helping me through this made the process so comfortable and rewarding.

Considering this worked so well for me I started thinking of all the other areas in my life where I could use healing, assistance and support. Everyone has parts of their lives that they would change if they could whether it be a relationship with a family member or friend, a personal goal, a health condition etc. With Tricia’s amazing support over the years I keep going back to her to increase my happiness in life. Issues that we have dealt with often don’t come back or may only need a slight tweak later on.

Knowing how well hypnosis works and how powerful it is, I choose it as my most cherished healing treatment. In particular Tricia’s knowledge and compassion for what she does make Light Side Up a fantastic choice.”


“Before I worked with Tricia, I struggled so much with smoking. My life completely and utterly revolved around my next cigarette; ‘Before I walk out the door to go to work, do I have enough for the day? When is my next break? When I finish lunch, will I have enough time to run outside?’

Now I’m happy to say, I’m happy to say I feel great!! I feel accomplished.

Tricia is amazing and if you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll absolutely love her!

She really wants you to succeed, just trust her and trust the process!”


“To say my first session with Tricia from Light Side Up was phenomenal is an understatement. I have battled feelings of self-­doubt my whole life personally and professionally. I was hesitant to try guided meditation as I have struggled to be alone with my own thoughts since battling postpartum depression. However, Tricia understood this completely and was extremely compassionate while remaining professional in our session. At the end of it, I felt like I had slept for 6 days (and if you are a mom, this is equivalent to wining a month of free weekly spa treatments)! I was relaxed but not drained nor exhausted. Interestingly enough, since the session, every time thoughts of self­-doubt crept up, I wasn’t “forcing” myself to think positively, it came more naturally as I recognized that my being different is the difference I will make in my world around me. I am deeply grateful to Tricia for this session which has put me on the path to becoming a more self­-assured and more self-­confident version of myself.”