For years now we have been told of the power of positive thinking and how we should only focus on the positive and not negative. I remember when I first heard about this I could not wrap my head around the concept, I would constantly ask,

“So what, should I lie to myself and just say it’s true even if it isn’t?”
They’d reply with a superior and enigmatic smile “you don’t get it, think it and it will become your reality” or some such frustrating line. It took me a few years with much experiment to figure it out! Of course, I also read “The Secret” along the way.

For those who are still not quite sure what it means or how it works, it is my pleasure to shine some light on this for you and share with you my take on this.

Your words do matter! Your mind is taking instructions from yourself all day long. Remember your subconscious mind is programmed from birth, to take the best instruction form yourself and it accepts everything positive and negative and acts on it. So if you treat yourself and your subconscious with dignity honesty and kind encouraging words, that is what your subconscious acts on. However, it works just as well on negative words and ideas.

So what you say to yourself become your reality. In fact when you say ‘I’m gonna be late or I’m always late”,  your mind thinks that’s what you want and it finds ways to make you late, every time. So when you arrive late, huffing and shamefaced, your mind pats itself on the back for a job well done and you think, “I just knew I would not make it on time?” and with that, you have just programmed yourself to be late the next time as well.  

However if you were to program, the opposite sentiment and say the opposite to yourself perhaps, you will have a different result.

Notice, I’m not saying lie to yourself or imagine the impossible because it’s true, your mind will recognize and disregard an untruth, no matter how well-intentioned and positive your statement is.

The trick is to re-frame a negative scenario for your mind into a positive one, giving your mind something that it “can believe” even in a bad situation

E.g. instead of saying “I’m always late”, say to yourself, “Somehow I will make it on time.”

When you leave the ‘How’ up-to your mind, it comes up with creative ways to help fulfill the vision that you created. Et Voila! Somehow the stars will seem to align and you will find yourself arriving more and more, at an appointment exactly when you need to be there, if not a minute or two earlier.